the Brand Dr.

Many people out there are unaware of how to sustain a healthy brand. In fact, many have the completely wrong idea of what branding and marketing TRULY is.

The result? Years of neglecting your brand could lead to severe symptoms – such as low customer retention, early entry & exit and poor penetration (of the market of course).
Girls don’t like guys with these issues, just like customers don’t like such brands!

Welcome to the Brand Dr. : the light-hearted branding ‘consult’ blog.
The posts on this blog are my ‘professional’ opinions about branding for success. These will be my lessons to you, and I hope to spark some discussions with readers about what branding REALLY is – it’s not all just fancy logos and colours. You can look forward to some interesting shorter posts, capturing little nuggets of branding wisdom from some people a lot smarter than myself. I will also cite some personal encounters I have with brands, as I diagnose their brand health to show you how you can keep your OWN brand healthy and going strong. Check out the Dr Who? page for some background info on your trusted Dr. and to see what this blog has to offer on its pages.

Whether you’re a business, group or even a person, you represent and are a brand in some form. My only wish here is to give you the necessary knowledge treatment to help boost your own brand’s immunity, ensuring its long-term health and success.

So pay attention and learn from some of the best so that your brand doesn’t suffer the symptoms of ‘BadBrandosis*. Prevention is always better than cure!

* BadBrandosis : chronic marketing condition in which a brand has been neglected so badly that it reaches an unsightly, diseased and unprofitable state. *urgh*

8 thoughts on “the Brand Dr.

    • “Done well you have, young Padawan. Best field ever, marketing is!” 😎 – Mastrer Yoda

      Branding, good choice man. Everything in a business revolves around successful brand building.
      Hope my posts have been of some value on your marketing journey so far dude.
      See me after 5 behind Jammie Hall for those prescribed meds 😉

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