Dr Who?

Hello, sawubona, hallo, molo, Nǐ hǎo. Welcome dear reader to my blog! That’s right, this blog is for everyone because no matter who you are or how you speak, you have a brand and it’s time you learnt how to turn it to your success. That’s where I come in.Dr Who welcome

The Brand Dr. is a 4th year student at the University of Cape Town, currently completing his Honours in Business Science Marketing. He is absolutely passionate about marketing, with a special interest in advertising and branding. Amongst the good doctor’s qualifications, he is the student Brand Manager at UCT Radio as well as a freelance designer – completing branding jobs for various clients under the banner of his entrepreneurial venture Kaviar Advertising Connoisseurs, a sideline project he runs while studying. Most of all, he is a former intern at Yellowwood Future Architects – South Africa’s leading strategic brand consultancy.


Professional Opinions: Brace yourself. My ‘professional’ opinions are coming. This is where I will be dispensing my core posts. For all the branding reviews, lessons on how to start branding for success and insights from my personal encounters with brands, you’ll find all this addictive content right here. Critique, discuss, learn and start building YOUR brand’s long-term immunity today with these insights.

Read on & enjoy!

Brands That Make Me Dance: On this Juicy page, you can look forward to branding news from around the world while I also prescribe your dosage of the latest examples in truly GREAT branding. These are some exciting things top brands are getting up to out there. It’s so exciting … it just makes me want to dance. These are the Brands That Make Me Dance!

Excited to share the insights and knowledge I’ve gained on my marketing journey thus far, the Brand Dr. is here to give your brand the treatment it needs to stay strong and be grand rather than bland. I have an open-door-policy and am always on-call doing my rounds. Feel free to get in touch via my consult rooms.

7 thoughts on “Dr Who?

    • thanks for the comment, Robyn. When i had my hernia operation in 1st year, i had to go on a gluten free diet, and it nearly killed me. was terrible. but your blog is simply divine! makes me wanna go back to gluten free just so i indulge in some of the food porn you show off on your blog! big up dudette! Love it!

      • aww thanks maaan. I did not know you had to go gluten-free. Thats a fun fact. We can be gluten-free buddies. Kind of. Anyway, the award is just like a sharing platform to find new blogs. Its pretty useful for our marketing strategies as well!

      • =O I’m closing off this blog (like closure in project management, lol). Needa start on the report sooo, gotta stop posting and things SOME time! Will use that for next year though

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